Jesus In Crayons: Tara Gomez, Missouri Woman,

Tara Gomez, a woman who lives in  Missouri, says the image of Christ appeared in her son’s melted crayons

We have seen that the image of Jesus Christ has appeared in toast, Cheetos and even on a cliff, but there is a Missouri woman who states that she found Jesus’ image in a least unexpected place: the crayons of her son.

KSHB reports that Tara Gomez recently melted crayons together with her oldest son and that she saw the image after she placed the mixture to set in her freezer. When she took it out, she discovered the image of Jesus’ face in the swirls of color.

Gomez explained to KSHB News that she had been praying for a long time about certain things, and that she had asked God for a sign. Now some people could call Gomez’s sighting a bit unrealistic, some scientists point out there’s an explanation: our human brain actively seeks familiarity in abstract materials and frequently turns incomprehensible marks, lines and visuals into significant and meaningful images of creatures or persons, so explains MSNBC.

It’s hard to believe, but in In 2004, an Indiana woman who believed she discovered the image of the Virgin Mary right on her smoked cheese sandwich sold it on eBay for an astonishing $28,000, as reported by the Associated Press.


Shroud Of Turin

For a long period of time, the Shroud of Turin has been a basis for reverence and intrigue. Viewed as among the primary Christian artefacts, many people recognize it to be the real burial shroud of Jesus Christ because of the somewhat faded impression that can be seen on its surface area that appears to be an undressed man showing wounds in keeping with crucifixion.

Even though some people look at it as a miracle, other people try to find a more scientific clarification for its presence, and scientists coming from the Politecnico di Torino have produced a theory that they feel could offer a few answers. They point out that it is quite feasible that neutron emissions caused by an earthquake around the period that Jesus died might have established the impression, and that this also influenced radiocarbon concentrations that would have indicated that the shroud came from medieval times. (reported by LiveScience)

The scientists’ theory about how the image was created, is based on historical facts. The city of Jerusalem was indeed rocked when Jesus was crucified around 33 AD.

Scientists Carpinteri, Lacidogna, and Borla simulated an earthquake under equal conditions and discovered that neutron pollution levels might have originated from such an earthquake, and that these emissions could very well have induced chemical reactions in that specific cloth, creating the image of a face.

The Turin scientists related the earthquake to the death of Jesus Christ by referring to Greek historian Thallos’ accounts of the day that Christ passed away, the gospel of Matthew, the story of Joseph of Arimathea, and to the achievements of Dante Alighieri. The scientists wrote: Furthermore, if we would allocate the impression shown on this shroud to Jesus Christ, we really should consider the fact that there are at any rate three records in the historic literature proclaiming that disastrous earthquakes occurred during that event of 33 a.d.

Some people interpret these conclusions as a testimony to the authenticity of the Shroud, as it states that the medieval radiocarbon examination carried out by Oxford University in 1988 is incorrect.

On the other hand, a lot of other scientists question the outcomes of the research, indicating that radiocarbon examinations of other seismically active regions such as Japan have typically not been viewed as incorrect. Gordon Cook, who is professor of environmental geochemistry at the University of Glasgow, says that scientists have been examining materials of that period for many decades now, and not a soul has ever experienced this (LiveScience).

But this id really not the first time that a radiation theory was suggested. Giulio Fanti (university of Padua) together with his research team, performed a test in 2013 and the results indicated that the shroud could be from anywhere between 300 BC and 400 AD.



Sightings App Lets Users Insert Images Of Jesus and Virgin Mary Into Food Photos

We never thought we would come up with these words, but now we can find an app that inserts illustrations of Jesus, Mary, or Bigfoot for that matter, into any kind of photo. Seriously.

This app, called Sightings by Betabrand, is created by the identical people that created  Cordarounds and

You now have the opportunity to transform common photos with the exciting and easy-to-use Sightings app. Compose cherished recollections for yourself, turn friends and family into true believers, and publish your amazing pictures to an increasing world-wide collection of Jesus, Mary, and Bigfoot sightings. Good Lord, praise modern technology and the period we live in.




Jesus in a Pizza

Posh Pizza is an eatery in Brisbane, Australia, and the owners claim that the face of Jesus Christ inexplicably appeared in one of their three-cheese pizzas.

Posh Pizza’s Maree Phelan said her pizza oven was seemingly blessed with the presence of Jesus Christ, who chose a three cheese pizza as his medium.

The Australian Catholic University professor and a director of the Institute for Catholic Identity, Patrick McArdle, shared the pizza was “almost definitely not a miracle”. “We Catholics can laugh at this, but if that this image leads to the deeper level of faith, or just the sense that Jesus is a part of your life, then it’s a good thing” he says.



Don’t forget to check how science explains it.

Crab Reveals Impression Of Jesus

Peter S., co-founder of, reported that when he was on a crabbing excursion with his friends, he discovered a crab that seems to be like, dependent upon your point of view, Jesus, or Osama Bin Laden. Last weekend, when Peter  took his family to Everett, Washington, for another crabbing weekend, he was expecting a vision of savoring delicious seafood. Instead, he one more time had a view of Jesus Christ’ face on one of the crabs. At that time, the rest of the Canfield family didn’t even become aware of the Christ-like crustacean even though it was in their presence,  and it wasn’t until they were looking at a video of their excursion that they discovered that one of their crabs really had the picture of Jesus Christ on its stomach. Except for the people who saw the video, which include the editors of Gawker, nobody thinks that the crab looked likes Jesus, but you never know….


Virgin Mary sightings -gallery

People flock together to look at a picture that many people regarded as the appearance of the Virgin Mary on the glass windows of an office building in Clearwater, Florida . Seven years afterwards, the windows were destroyed. The three highest window panes that displayed what seemed to be the veiled head of the Virgin Mary  were demolished, with only small pieces of glass leftover in the frames. The appearance had first occured one week before Christmas 1996.


Family claims to see image of Jesus in moldy shower

Don Taylor of Colorado spotted this high-voltage Jesus near Littleton on a phone poll. He told ABC7 in Denver that he’s a “a nonreligious individual” but he was stopped in his tracks when he saw the unusual vine growth across from a church, which appears to be the form of a crucified Jesus Christ.


Pierogi Bears Image of Jesus

A heavenly dumpling? Donna Lee, who lives in Point Place, a suburb of Toledo, Ohio, claimed she noticed the visage of Jesus Christ in this pierogi, a sort of Polish dumpling that she made for her family’s Easter dinner in 2005. Instead of eating the inspiring delicacy, she stored it in her refrigerator